The Direction of IN

Using the Laws of the Universe can take a lifetime to perfect. (Good thing we’ve got the guidance for it LIVING right inside us!)   And, there are so many of us realizing that using the direction-of-out doesn’t work, that we are sharing the successes of the direction-of-IN more and more frequently.

We have an iron clad agreement with the Universe that whatever we focus on WE GET MORE OF.  So when we focus on WHAT IS BEING DONE TO US, we get more of it! Whatever we resist, persists. WE are providing the energy by which the OUTside world is fueled.   Energetically, we’re doing it to ourselves … out of ignorance, not intent.

The OUTside world is SUPPOSED to be a lie (illusion) because the real direction is IN.

If we choose to focus on BECOMING THE TRUTH OF WHO WE ARE (we really are Sovereign under God / Source / Love / Universe) we are removing the fuel that empowers the OUTside world to have dominion over us.  In other words, we must BECOME 180 degrees OPPOSITE of what we see in the direction-of-out.

Why has it taken SO long to realize how this really works?  We have been afraid of becoming our True Selves as unique expressions of God / Source / Love / Universe. Here’s the pivotal place.  We have each contributed to creating a world OUTside of ourselves through the ego/intellect.  Because that is NOT how Source/God communicates (and is in relationship) with us, who we each truly are is inconceivable through that pathway. 

However, the heart center (not the human heart) absolutely knows its source/generator.  When we move 180 degrees from the direction-of-out born from the ego/intellect, we are CO-CREATING THROUGH THE HEART CENTER by becoming our True Selves.  That’s when Universal Law can provide the “juice” that makes everything happen that we truly desire.  So, direction of OUT, we get a mess.  Direction of IN, we get a life that we are designed for.

Don’t like what’s happening OUTside of you? CHANGE what’s INside you.  It’s a process, sometimes a long one, but it’s worth the journey!  That’s where the control is that we have been seeking for so long and trying to get others to GIVE it to us.  We’ve had it all along!  We just didn’t know how to have access to it.  Now it’s all coming together … our awareness, our desire and our willingness to access our personal power by letting go of our fear of our True Selves.

Sound simple? It is.  Now comes the many, many choices that we must re-perceive and shift to WALK ourSelves out of the hole that we have dug for ourSelves.  And that hole is the PATTERN of giving away our personal power due to our fear of ourSelves which is shown to us each day through the OUTside world.  IT’S A JOURNEY, not an event.   It starts, however, with the realization that real power is CHOICE.  (Neo said, “Because I can” in the third Matrix movie.)   The series of choices we’ve made that puts us in a place we didn’t intend CAN BE SHIFTED. That’s how we can come out with the different OUTcome that we desire.

This is our birthright.  We know this, but we’ve been using the opposite direction to get it!  Now, we can make a different choice.