About / Mission

Short history of YAYOG:   Steven started Wave 11:11 on 09/21/07 (Myspace), then transitioned to Wave1111.com  and a Facebook page in 2011.   The idea/name for YAYOG came after an exchange with someone who mentioned their “guru” told them to do this or that.   Steven’s response was simply:       You Are Your Own Guru,  and the fb page was launched the day after 11/11/11.

The focal point of the page was ‘The Direction of IN’, which utilized multiple admins. that are coaches & healers.   Over time, they shared their unique perspectives and eventually moved on to other pursuits.

This site was created with the specific Mission and Intention of mentoring anyone who desires an authentic, empowered, healthy lifestyle.

Transformation begins when accepting & embracing full responsibility for all of your own emotions and energy.

We are in a game of Remembrance ❤️ Self Healing, Inquiry, Love ?